Transmedia production.  Cinematographic Laboratory.  Artistic Residency.

A new cinematographic production model, training local youth from rural communities,  with no formal background in film production to serve as writers, actors and technical staff. Employing alternative training, production and distribution methods the resulting feature films preserves the social, cultural and oral history of elders and give voice to often marginalized young people that represent the diverse communities of Ecuador.


Four feature films, each in a distinct geographical region of Ecuador: the coast, the highlands, the Amazon jungle and the Galapagos Islands. Two of them have already premiered. Finished in 2012, from  coast the feature film “Santa Elena by Bus”.  From the highlands Azuay region in the Andes Mountains “Vengo Volviendo/ Here and There” premiered in 2015 at Rencontres du Cinema Marseille in France. 


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