Filmarte is a collective of independent, alternative and community-minded filmmakers. Promoting visibility of communities through their own voice and identity. Providing high quality training, production and dissemination of feature films with social and cultural relevance.  We seek to showcase the diverse communities, transcending cultural and social barriers, creating bonds among people from different socio-cultural backgrounds, finding historical commonalities, and forming one cohesive narrative that can speak for more than one person.


Share cinema to people in areas with limited access to this tool, encouraging the production of their own quality films.


Rescuing the cultural practices that reflect communities values, rituals, heroes and symbols, reinterpreted with a renewed vision, to be exposed massively on quality films.

What do we believe in?

  • In the passion for cinema.

  • In mass access to clarity, knowledge and consciousness.

  • In cultural and ecological responsibility.

  • In team work.



Filmarte's Executive Producer producer and director of ENCOUNTERS WITH CINEMA, alternative film training, production and distribution program with two feature films premiered "Santa Elena en Bus" (2012) and "Vengo Volviendo" (2015).  Executive Producer of the documentaries: "Sacachún" by Gabriel Páez (2018) and "Azuayo" by Manuel Meriguet in post-production phase. Production Coordinator for the feature film "The Call" by David Nieto, and documentary "Defense 1464" by David Rubio, for Xanadu Films between 2007-2009. Script Supervisor in "Mono con Gallinas" Ecuador-Argentina production (2010) and "Sumergible" Ecuador-Colombia production (2017) by Alfredo León León.   Distribution Producer for "Cuba the value of a Utopia" (2009) by Yanara Guayasamin and "When my time comes" (2007) by Victor Arregui.


Cinema and Television Graduate from USFQ-Ecuador, Assistant Director and Cinematography Post-Licentiate Graduate  from SICA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a Masters degree in Art Theory from UNLP-Argentina.  From 2004 till 2006, Gabriel directed the TV show produced by AND Digital “La Kombi” for Teleamazonas, with a rating average of 20 monthly points. On November, 2005, he directed his first documentary for TV, “Huaira Sinchi.” Between 2008 and 2009, he became first Assistant Director in “Defensa 1464” Argentina-Ecuador Documentary by David Rubio. From May until September 2010, he was enrolled as Assistant Director in “Mono con gallinas” Ecuador-Argentina full-length feature film directed by Alfredo León. In 2010, worked editing the full-length documentaries “Yakuaya” by Marcelo Castillo and “Achachay Big Tambo” by Isabel Dávalos. He is currently Executive Producer and Director of FILMARTE ECUADOR and “ENCOUNTERS WITH CINEMA", an alternative film training, production and distribution program with two fiction films premiered "Santa Elena en Bus" (2012) and "Vengo Volviendo" (2015). At the moment directing his first full-length documentary “SACACHÚN” to be released in 2018. On 2018 he was Producer and Director of the TV series “Valientes (Brave)”, documentaries about high performance disabled athletes for national TV.


Advertising graduate from UTE-Ecuador.  Currently Communication Director at Filmarte.  Production Designer Assistant (Makeup, Costumes Artist) in “ENCOUNTERS WITH CINEMA", alternative film training, production and distribution program with two fiction films premiered "Santa Elena en Bus" (2012) and "Vengo Volviendo" (2015). Executive Producer of the full-length documentary "Sacachún"(2018)  and Field Producer for the short film “The Band” (2013).  Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer in the Jocotoco Conservation Foundation (2018). Communications Coordinator and Graphic Designer of the magazine Okönomia for the AHK Ecuador (2012). Web Designer for the Advertising Agency Yagué (2011). Communications Analyst and Technical Multimedia for the National Secretary of Science and Technology (SENACYT 2010-2011).



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