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Filmarte Ecuador has been bridging the gap between cinema and people since 2010. We create impactful documentaries, feature films, short films, and series that are distributed through local campaigns and reach global audiences using traditional and alternative strategies. Additionally, we proudly serve as Ecuador's representatives for Ecocinema, an international platform for outdoor cinema distribution powered by renewable energy, since 2015.

María Isabel Rodas León


Impact producer and co-creator of the cinematographic creation lab "ENCUENTROS CON EL CINE", a program focused on training, production, and distribution of alternative cinema, with two released feature films: "Santa Elena by Bus" (2012) and "Here and There" (2015), as well as the documentary series "GuancaDocs." Executive producer of the documentary "Sacachún" by Gabriel Páez (2018).

Gabriel Páez Hernandez


Ecuadorian-Chilean director with 15 years of experience researching and directing both fiction and documentary films. Passionate about the power of memory and the search for identity through moving images. "Sacachún" (2018), a documentary feature film that portrays faith, syncretism, life, and death through a group of elderly individuals, a film that has won various awards including Best Documentary Film at FICAH - Mexico, the Las Alturas Film Festival - Argentina, and FICGuayaquil - Ecuador.

Carolina Rodas Léon


Illustrator and Publicist. Director of communication in FILMARTE. Executive Producer of the documentary "Sacachún" and GuancaDocs. Promotion and premiere producer, Art Assistant for the project “Encuentros con el Cine” with two feature films “Santa Elena en Bus” and “Vengo Volviendo”. I focus my work on projects of social impact, art, technology, and environmental conservation. I seek to combine cultural management with strategic thinking for behavior change.

Braulio González


He began in the audiovisual world in the first stage of the project "Encounter with Cinema" as part of the young people who benefited from the community film production and training workshops, he studied and graduate in the city of Quito as Technician in photography and sound for film and television at INCINE. Local producer and sound teacher in the third edition of Encounters with Cinema "Guancadocs" (2020).
Learning day by day and nourishing myself with the knowledge that our own people and strangers provide us, I have been able to learn about art, culture, technology, knowledge from various perspectives.

Victoria Castro


Digital Communicator and Journalist. Co-host of "Forces That Move Us" journalistic work produced with NatGeo´s support. Impactful collaborator in Filmarte's communitarian film projects since 2019. Victoria trusts stories that honor our past to generate a positive impact for the future. Restless about the creation of content, she is always attentive to new and contemporary ideas, ensuring that any brand or institution has a real closeness to its community; more than 30 national and international brands have relied on her vocation for the digital universe.

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