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Twenty-two-year-old Ismael only thinks about traveling to the U.S. He grows up loved and cared for by his grandmother Mariana, a midwife and ancestral healer, after his parents emigrate from Ecuador. After Ismael agrees on a price with the coyote to be smuggled northward, his best friend Luz returns to Ecuador after eight years of living abroad. Luz’s perspective fills Ismael with doubts about his decision to immigrate. The two friends criss-cross the Andes by car, along the way they meet various characters and are exposed to stories and legends that will raise troubling questions for Ismael about his destiny.


Country: Ecuador

Year: 2015

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Director and Production: Gabriel Páez, Isabel Rodas

Edition: Vanessa Amores, Gabriel Páez, Amaia Merino

Sound Design : Bunker Estudio, Juan José Luzuriaga

Music: Carlos Freire, Stalin Pacheco

Color Correction : Machica Films, Cristobal Infante

Post-production: La que Cruza

Comunication : Carolina Rodas

Graphic Design: Mario Salvador



Film Theory: Daniel Moya

Script: Gabriel Páez

Acting: Isabel Rodas, Santiago Harris

Cinematograhy: Manuel Suquilanda

AD: Cristian Maldonado

Sound: Diego Rodríguez, Andrés Galarza

Art Direction: Cristina Karolys

Production: Johanna López

Makeup and costume Design: Carolina Rodas

Script and Edition: Vanessa Amores

Making of: Rubén Jurado


Bryan Masa, Christian Moscoso, Maribel Tacuri, Ana Tacuri, Franklin Tacuri, Oscar Nivicela, Doris Naula, Adriana Zhiminaicela, Andrés Zavala, Matías Nugra, Gabriela Córdova, Carolina Lozada, Daniel Montalvan, Israel López, Juan Zumba, Carlos Armijos, William Pulla, Paúl Valdivieso, Janeth Cuenca, Katherine Chacho, José Redrovan.


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