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Documentary Feature Film

75 min / HD



Sacachún tells the story of the few elders of a dry village about to disappear, who have been waiting for the return of San Biritute, the God of rain, for more than 60 years, kidnapped by local authorities and now his return is their only hope.  Justin, the only child in town plays alone while waiting for the school to reopen.

An essay on old age and the fear of death. A story about a group of elders and their tireless struggle for the respect of their culture and their different ways of understanding the faith. Where the need for water is the main argument that supports their demands and the ancestral culture is presented as heritage for generations to come, if their people survive after they leave.




Country: Ecuador

Year: 2018

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Time: 75 min.

Executive Producers: Isabel Rodas, Carolina Rodas, Gabriel Páez.

Director and Scriptwriter: Gabriel Páez.

General Producer: Isabel Rodas.

Cinematography: Gabriel Páez, Marcelo Castillo, Diego Ortuño, Inti Galarza.

Edition:  Gabriel Páez, Vanessa Amores, Eliza Capai, Marcelo Castillo.

Sound Post production: Juan José Luzuriaga.

Music Director: Ruth Mendelson, BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC.

Composers: Chris Cheung, Ying-Ting Luo, Enrico Orlandi, Morgana Acevedo.

Additional Music: Mauricio Proaño.

Animation: Memo Quintana.

Color: Diego Del Corral.

Promotion and Premiere Production: Carolina Rodas.

Design: Carolina Rodas.

Cast: Arcadio Balón, Ángela Suárez, Ambrosio Galo Tigrero Gonzabay, Matilde Ramírez, María Italia Tomalá, Juan Esteban Quimi, Agripina Lina Suárez, Justin Canales, Francia González, Genaro Quimi, Ageda Tomalá, Secundino Lino,María Quimi, Sergio González, Antonio Inocente González, Francisco Lino, Dionicio Tigrero, Sofía Lino Reyes, Juan Villón, Gloria Tomalá, Sixta Guillermina Tomalá, Juanita Tigrero Gonzabay, Silvia Tigrero, Jacinto Tumbaco, Domingo Tumbaco


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