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45 young people from different towns in the province of Santa Elena on the Ecuadorian coast, participated in four experiential film and acting workshops, where their first duty was to talk to their grandparents and contribute with a story based on myths, traditions and legends of their community. . Stories that would later become the province's first feature film.  


In an intense process of training in camera, sound, script, acting, production and art direction, a vertiginous adventure of cinematographic creation, which culminated in the presentation of his work in front of thousands of spectators in 25 open-air cinema functions the length and breadth of the land that saw them born.



Ecuador country

Year of production: 2010 - 2011

Release year 2012



Film theory: Daniel Moya

Screenplay: Gabriel Paez

Acting: Isabel Rhodes

Photography: Marcelo Castillo, Manuel Suquilanda

Grip and lighting: Jimmy "Rambo" Pazmiño

Direction Assistance: Manuel Meriguet

Sound: Diego Rodriguez, Andres Galarza

Art Direction: Cristina Karolys

Field Production: Emilia Arcos

Makeup and Costume: Carolina Rodas

Continuity and Editing: Vanessa Amores

Behind the scenes: Rubén Jurado


tall mangrove 

  Fabian Asencio, Paúl Matias, Milton Muñoz, Walmer Rodriguez, Javier Morán, Erlin Rodriguez, Giovanni Artega, Anrés Criollo, Erika Rosales, Denissi Matías, Darwin Moran, Shirley Pozo, Susana Berrezueta.




Alfredo Borbón, Fanny Alvarracín, Johanna Parrales, Alexandra Figueroa, Carlos Rivera, Cristian Molina, Lourdes Pineda, Herbes de Santis, Denny Tumbaco, Gabriel Lainez, Jaqueline Vélez, Diana Acosta, Jefferson Rodriguez, Jocelyn Merchán, Cristian Morales, Ana Lucia Sigüenza, Fabian Madrid, Pedro Lopez, Celida Plua.


Palm grove

  Ana Lugo,  Ángel Rayo, Andrés Estupiñán, Braulio González, Belén Valencia, Byron Rosales, Jaime González, José Rayo, Edwin Miraba, Evelyn Franco, Elvis Santos, Lidia Salcedo, Marina Asencio, Paula Guale, Rodrigo Rayo, Sendy Mero, Stefany Franco.

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