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24 young people from different communities, both urban and rural, in Azuay province located in the Ecuadorian highlands, lived a 6-month artistic residency where they not only learned about each department of production for a fiction film: Acting, photography, sound, direction, production, art direction; they also wrote a script based on the stories of their grandparents, which would later become their first fiction feature film: Here and There


Premiered locally with 24 open-air cinema screenings throughout the province, by the hand of Ecocinema and presented at countless film festivals, both nationally and internationally. It was also present for 5 consecutive weeks in the main movie theaters throughout Ecuador and toured the tri-state area in the north of the United States in traveling performances, connecting with the large community of Ecuadorian and Latin American migrants.


Awards and recognitions: “Jury Award for the best film at the Ola Latino International Film Festival in the Hamptons - NY” “Audience Award for the best film at the Ecuadorian Film Festival in NY”, “Best Photography at the Ola Latino Film Festival Revolution Me in Brooklyn NY”.



Ecuador country

Year of production: 2014

Release year: 2015



Film theory: Daniel Moya

Screenplay: Gabriel Paez

Starring: Isabel Rhodes, Santiago Harris

Photography: Manuel Suquilanda

Direction Assistance: Cristian Maldonado

Sound: Diego Rodriguez, Andres Galarza

Art Direction: Cristina Karolys

Field Production: Johanna López

Makeup and Costume: Carolina Rodas

Continuity and Editing: Vanessa Amores

Behind the scenes: Rubén Jurado


Bryan Masa, Christian Moscoso, Maribel Tacuri, Ana Tacuri, Franklin Tacuri, Oscar Nivicela, Doris Naula, Adriana Zhiminaicela, Andrés Zavala, Matías Nugra, Gabriela Córdova, Carolina Lozada, Daniel Montalvan, Israel López, Juan Zumba, Carlos Armijos, William Pulla , Paúl Valdivieso, Janeth Cuenca, Katherine Chacho, José Redrovan.

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