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75 min / HD

Trabajo en marcha / Work in Progress



With a documentary style, behind the cameras style, we will accompany  21 youngsters from the province of Azuay and their cohabitation in an artistic lab, where they will write and produce their very own movie based on the myths, traditions and legends from the area. They will be responsible of taking these stories into the big screen and will be active participants in the process from its pre-production until the realease and distribution in all of the localities of the Azuay.​


Country: Ecuador

Year: 2017

Language: Español

Subtitles: Inglés

Ejecutive Production: Gabriel Páez, Isabel Rodas

Direction: Manuel Meriguet

Comunication: Carolina Rodas

Photography: Rubén Jurado


Film Theory: Daniel Moya

Script: Gabriel Páez

Acting: Isabel Rodas, Santiago Harris

Photography: Manuel Suquilanda

AD: Cristian Maldonado

Sound: Diego Rodríguez, Andrés Galarza

Art: Cristina Karolys

Field Production: Johanna López

Makeup and Costumes: Carolina Rodas

Continuity and Assembly: Vanessa Amores


Bryan Masa, Christian Moscoso, Maribel Tacuri, Ana Tacuri, Franklin Tacuri, Oscar Nivicela, Doris Naula, Adriana Zhiminaicela, Andrés Zavala, Matías Nugra, Gabriela Córdova, Carolina Lozada, Daniel Montalvan, Israel López, Juan Zumba, Carlos Armijos, William Pulla, Paúl Valdivieso, Janeth Cuenca, Katherine Chacho, José Redrovan.

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